R eferendum is the most civilized manner to express civility and Biafrans urge their neighbors to cooperate in this regard. Opposition to referendum in Biafra land is a direct provocation of war and Biafrans appeal to their neighbors to acknowledge the natural law of civility.

May 8, 2014

The Passion of Biafra, Upcoming Project

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Writer’s bio

B orn into the precolonial ruling family of Chukwu Njoku in Umueze Enyiogwugwu, Fada Jọn Ụkaegbu Ph.D., has the privilege of receiving both informal and formal education. He spent his childhood days in the company of many precolonial elderly Africans who are today in the list of African Ancestors. His precolonial African experiences justify the saying that what is learnt young is learnt forever.

As a Biafran war veteran, he survived the bloodiest and first genocidal war in modern Africa. He earned his Theological and Philosophical degrees from the Pontifical Urban University Rome and the Pontifical University of Salamanca, Spain respectively.