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From Pan-Afrikanism To Pan-Humanism

The Passion of Biafra, Upcoming Project
May 8, 2014
Spirituality of blessed Father Tansi
July 6, 2016

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Z ik was a great son of Afrịka who worked relentlessly for the emancipation, progress and unity of all the people of Afrịkan descent. There is no need for one to wonder why he earned the prestigious continental name of : “ZIK OF AFRỊKA.”

Dr. Jọn Ọ. Ụkaegbu has done a wonderful job in his interpretation and presentation of Zikism as a source of pride for all the people of Afrịkan descent. He succeeded in pointing out how Zik was able to combine the philosophy of Pan-Afrịkanism with some morals inherent in natural law to fight for the liberation of the Afrịkan people. I strongly recommend that all peoples, especially those of Afrịkan descent, should read this stimulating work and discover the facts for themselves. The author has once more rekindled the dwindling spirit of Pan-Afrịkanism amongst the new generations of the Afronoid people.

It is very unfortunate that some Afrịkans of the present generation seem to ignore the foundations laid by our Pan-Afrịkan leaders who worked together with the spirit of One God, One Aim and One Destiny.

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